Oh, the fun I had here. The upcoming message series is called character{s} and pulls from the many people of the Old Testament that have various character traits that we can apply to our own lives. The message bumper consisted of me making a whole bunch of little people made from push pins and clay. Then I pushed them onto a large Styrofoam sheet to spell out the word “character.” I was much pleased with the end result.

The process of creating the tape people was a little more involved. Each person posing to be a character had to have cellophane wrapped around different sections of their bodies. Then we used packing tape to cover that part. It usually required multiple layers of tape. The torso and legs worked best to be done together. That was followed by the hands and feet. The head was last. I never fully covered their mouth or nose when doing the head. Once each section was done, I would cut them out of the tape cocoons. Then I would retape each section and then attach them all together. It took awhile but it was worth it. The most popular one was the character who was sitting. I would move him each Sunday to a different location in the auditorium. It created quite the stir of conversations. In the end it was successful and the “sitter” still lives on in a staff member’s office, causing only the occasional commotion.

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