The pictable is a tool that can be used inside schools and educational institutions ranging from daycare centers all the way to colleges and universities. Our goal is to teach principles in art through demonstration, presentation, educational workshops and seminars. With budgets drying up and the fine arts are left holding the proverbial short straw, it is imperative to teach art appreciation and techniques to our children who make up the future generations of our communities.

Art is a powerful medium. Combined with other subjects, it can elevate learning to new levels that could not be achieved alone. The pictable education program strives to educate, encourage and enable young artists to reach their potential as artists and students through teaching art in new ways that allow them to not only think outside the box but off the canvas. They can take the lessons and principles that they are taught and apply them to their everyday life.

We wish to work with teachers, principals, parents and students to help build up the children in our schools to embrace the arts and the power that comes with them. We can work with you to build a presentation or demonstration that can pique their interest and then follow it up with a variety of lessons that will help them achieve the same abilities for themselves.

Here are some examples of how the pictable can be integrated into your school, conference or event:

  • School assembly
  • Art class
  • Provide a visual during a school vocal or orchestral concert
  • Career day
  • Hands on workshop
  • Seminar on art

If you are interested in scheduling this type of presentation or have any questions, please contact us at