Over the weekend I got the privilege to share the pictable with students during Epic Weekend. Not only did I get to rock a canvas but I got to share the experience with one of the students, Kylie. She was a part of the painting class that I held last fall. That was an intentional process trying to see if there were students that we felt could handle painting on a large canvas in front of other people. We did a tag team painting where we both started on our own canvas with a specific concept of our own and then after 10 minutes we would swap and paint on the other canvas. This can be a particular challenge when painting with someone else. Each artist has their own way of painting and style. To welcome someone else into your world of art and creation can be a enormous struggle and some artists can’t handle it. Kylie did very well. I am used to painting impromptu on a canvas under time constraints and in front of people. I found out afterwards that this was the second time she had ever painted. So for a green rookie she did very well. The theme of the weekend was Infected, using the same look and feel from the message series we did the previous fall. One cool aspect of the painting was that as the students watched they could engage in worship in their own way. There were Bibles to read, Legos to build, paper to draw on or they could just watch us paint. The mood was electric and it was great to see an artist spread her wings!

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