The Good Friday service was a real joy to be a part of and to see other artists get to use their gifts. The evening started out with 6 blank canvases placed around the outside of the auditorium on easels. Everyone was asked to take a piece of charcoal and write something that have been struggling with on the canvas. After they were filled with words, the canvases were then assembled to form a cross on stage. As Doug began to start his message, Bob started to draw on top of the words on the canvases. He was in essence putting Jesus on the cross. As Doug was finishing up his first part of the evenings message, Bob finished his drawing. Then Jen and Rachel came to the cross to apply the blood. With red paint, they began to add the crown and the places where the nails entered His body. They then covered the entire canvas and body of Christ with blood. The people’s writings could still barely be seen and the body still popped of the canvas. Finally they had a bowl of water at the base to wash their hands. This all happened while the band was playing some music. Overall the evening really moved me and the elements of the service were rich in symbolism.

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