Lost to Love pictable service

Good Friday. It’s a unique day during the time spent celebrating Easter and the sacrifice of Christ. The day remembering death and the shedding of blood. This year the pictable ministry honored this day with a brand new type of service. Lost to Love was presented at Spring Branch Community Church in Virginia Beach, VA.

The typical pictable service leading up to now had been a combination of music painting and spoken word. LTL takes that one step farther by incorporating a video that tells the story in parallel to the painting. The story is about the journey of a lost person who deals with the sorrows of being seperated from God, God reveals Himself through Jesus, confronts the cross, experiences the resurected Christ and embraces the commands to love God and others. This is truly a multimedia presentation!

LTL painting

This pictable service will now join the other pictable concepts and services available to be given at your conference, event or service. The use of video will also be further explored and implemented into future pictable offerings. Contact us if you wish to learn more about bring the pictable to your next event.

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