I’m lost. I don’t… I don’t know where I am or where I’m going. I am alone. Everyone has left me.

This is where Lost to Love begins and it will take you through the story of someone who is lost to the love of God to being able to embrace that same love. It’s a journey that we have all experienced or are experiencing in one way or another. Lost to Love is a brand new multimedia presentation from the pictable ministry. It is a pictable-service, a one hour pictable painting presentation utilizing a combination of art, music and spoken word on a larger canvas, and this one uses video as another way of communication. Simultaneously while the art is actively painted on the canvas, a multimedia element plays on screen telling the story in parallel fashion to the image being created in front of you. These two creatively unique components are intertwined, bringing the audience along to experience a true multimedia narrative. One could say that there is too much going on! Lost to love tells the story of a lost person who deals with the sorrows of being separated from God, God reveals Himself through Jesus, confronts the cross, experiences new life through the resurrected Christ and embraces the commands to love God and others. This is a visual worship experience that you will not want to miss! Lost to Love is a timeless and relevant story to every generation and individual. It is a powerful tool that be used by to make an impact on the lost in your community and your sphere of influence. Experience this mind changing event and it is sure to create a response by all who see it! This new piece from the pictable ministry is available now. If you wish to bring the pictable ministry to your church or event to present Lost to Love, contact us today. Go to pictable.org for more information or email us at info@pictable.org. This new piece from the pictable ministry is available now. If you wish to book this unique, live performance or if you have any questions, contact the pictable ministry today.