The message series that we are in currently, titled Love is on the Move, has give me the opportunity to get my hands into about every artistic area I enjoy. All of these elements came together to create a unified look and feel. The theme of the series was to show that love is a verb. There’s action involved. When trying to show that, I used bright colors in organic ink splotches. The artwork began with the branding which was created with different colored inks blown around on photo paper. The ink shows movement and action.


The first piece designed was the bulletin. We deviated away from the normal bulletin to use one that was branded and followed the design of the series trying to stay consistent across all lines of communication. It was full of color and garnered lots of positive comments. I think that people really like color.

The next piece is one that is an element that is designed for every message series–PowerPoint slides. During each service as the message is given, these slides are shown to allow the audience the information being taught as it is presented. Usually each message will have multiple sections. Using the aspect of color, I changed colors for each section of the particular message to give visual cues when moving to a new section.

We also had a reading plan where the congregation could read passages from the Bible that were specific to message series and Christmas time. For our Christmas Eve service we gave out boxes that had the series artwork on it. These two pieces followed the previous design style that were established for the series.

The last printed piece that was created was the Christmas Eve ticket. We had 3 separate services that people could receive tickets to attend and I created 3 unique designs utilizing illustrations following the same design aesthetic. One of a star, a manger and of the baby Jesus. These pieces were not tickets but meant to be keepsakes as well, reminding them of the service and that Christmas experience.


This message series included a large amount of video produced for each service. The message bumper animated the series branding through a time-lapse of the process of creating the branding.

Each Sunday we highlighted a character from the Christmas story with a video of their historical narrative as well as a modern one. The historical videos were animated utilizing the same look as the whole series. The 3 weeks highlighted Joseph, a shepherd and Mary’s mother.

Environmental Design

Another fun aspect of the series design was “The Cloud.” Not something in the digital ether were you save your files. This was a kinetic sculpture that visually illustrated the concept of love being on the move. With a team of artists, we dreamed up the concept and then brought it to reality. The cloud started out in our lobby area (first 2 photos) and then each week would grow as it traveled up to the auditorium and then would finish by hovering over the manger on stage. The building of the cloud was much more work than I had anticipated but I had some good help from Kenny and Renae. Some of the materials that were used included paper lanterns, paper cups, plastic sheeting, Christmas light strings, cotton padding, expanding foam, strips of canvas and tulle netting. The finished product was polarizing for many people but I feel it instigated a great conversation. It allowed many people to step out of their comfort zone and experience art in a new way. Through all of the hard work and time put in, it was worth every moment.

Music Video

The look of the artwork was inspired by some of my past work on a music video of the song of the same name. In fact we used the song in the bumper but also on Christmas Eve this same video was used during a live performance of the song. As it laid down the foundation through inspiration, it also became the end-cap to a great series!

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