A pictable is a picture parable painted by a live artist to accompany music or a spoken message. Jesus spoke to people in parables. He used words to paint pictures and tell stories that relate to our faith and love for Him. A pictable uses traditional art materials, such as paint or ink, to develop imagery that will allow us to connect with God on a different level. It helps us visualize problems and solutions that we deal with today and creates an emotional connection in our worship time.

The enjoyment of God through the enjoyment of art.

In short, a pictable is a visual worship experience. The integration of music, imagery and the Word into our worship time can create an experience with God that we will never forget. We have the potential for a highly intimate relationship with our Lord and Savior. We should not restrict that relationship to a select few of our senses. He created them for a reason, and we are called upon to use them to further enhance the bond we have with Him.

Every church is different in how they worship God. They have different pastors, gather in different environments, contain members from different backgrounds, and sing different songs. For this reason, the pictable ministry is a flexible one. Some pictable concepts are already created and ready for use in your service. We also can work together to customize a concept for a pictable that will capture your theme, subject matter or sermon topic. The canvas starts out blank; you can decide what you want on it.