For this Halloween the kids followed normal operating¬† procedure. They waited until the last minute to work on their Halloween costumes. This led to some creative improvisation for my son. He wanted to be a zombie. The night of I became the impromptu make-up artist and overall designer. I started with the makeup and after doing a decent job I felt inspired to keep pushing for more to make his costume stand out. I have watched far too many zombie movies and I have been extremely impressed with The Walking Dead’s zombie creations.

What would I do? Every zombie has at least part of their innards as externals. I needed something. How do I get guts? I went to the garage and started searching for that one piece that I needed. On the wall I found an old bike inner tube that I had blown wide open trying to fill it up on my bike. I tied it around his waist and then tied it in a couple of loops. Some scissors helped shred the “intestines” and some red paint helped sell it. Some shredded clothes and he was set.

We headed to a Chipotle to pick up some dinner and ran into the Halloween crowd. From the looks of many of the people standing in front of us, it was a success. I do have to say that I was well pleased.

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