I’m thrilled to producing a revamped version of the pictable service called Nativitas. A little background… In the fall of 2003, I was approached to paint at a youth conference in Illinois. This is when the pictable was born. For the first year I would come to a church, conference or concert and I would be one piece of the puzzle. I loved to see the combination of art, music and message meld together into one conducive package.

Then I was asked if I could come into a church and take over the whole service. The pictable service was born. “Life, Love and Hope” was the first turn key solution for the pictable. The concept was to tell the story of Jesus life from Palm Sunday to His resurrection. Since I usually used one canvas that was around 3.5′ x 5.5′, I knew that I would need something bigger, so I attached two canvases end to end to create a larger canvas that measured 11′ x 3.5″. To begin with, I would have music with lyrics playing while I started the painting and then I would turn around to give a monologue to continue the story. This would go back and forth like a tennis match until I would finish the painting before the last time I would address the audience.

In the fall of 2008, I wanted to take the pictable on a Christmas tour. This is when I first created Nativitas. That December I toured along the East Coast sharing this unique presentation with a variety of churches. The following March, I took on a position at a church in Virginia. One of my main duties was to create videos to use in the Sunday services. Then at the beginning of 2010 I was asked to share my Easter themed pictable service for our Good Friday service. With the amount of video that I was producing at the time, I felt it would be a great idea to create a video that would go long with the painting of the pictable. I could bake in the monologues by creating voice overs to help tell the story without me having to turn around and stop painting while I addressed the audience. I would then in turn have more time to paint. This is where “Lost to Love” was born.

It was a true multimedia presentation. The canvas that I painted on that night was around 20′ x 6′ and the video was projected on our 3 screens. It was an amazing experience as an artist to see how these mediums could be tied together to help tell a more engrossing story. Also the audience reaction was overwhelming. They got it and were moved by the service! Now it’s time to tackle Christmas again and take Nativitas to a new level. Painting and video combined together to tell the greatest story ever told. I can’t wait to share it with you all! I will be contacting churches to offer booking opportunities to them. If you would like to bring this amazing pictable service to your event, please contact me at info@thepictable.com.

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