I just recently got two tshirts printed up when I went to a youth conference. I am now offering them up for sale on the pictable site.

Heart shirt
Heart tshirt
This shirt is another one of the testimony tshirts like the Thumbprint shirt. The two hands are in a stance of a hug and from a heart while splattered paint drips from the negative space formed from the hands. There is loads of hidden imagery embedded in the artwork that can be used to share your testimony on a variety of levels. Some of the hiden imagery include:

  • the words logos (Greek for word) and love
  • slain lamb (Revelation 5:6)
  • eye of the heart (open the eyes of my heart)
  • padlock (guard your heart)
  • three dots to represent holy, holy, holy
  • star (the morning star)
  • wedding ring (the bridegroom)

Black, white and red ink on gray shirt
Sizes – S, M, L, XL

Cross Grave tshirt
Cross Grave tshirt
Here is a concept that has been in my head and on my heart for a long time. As Christians, we tend to focus on the cross and then walk away forgetting an equal if not even more miraculous event. When God raised Jesus from the dead, He set Himself apart from all other gods. Jesus is alive! The power that God pronounced on that Sunday morning continues to echo to even this day. So I created an image that contains the cross and the grave. Both illustrated in the same light and having the same relevance. And I couldn’t create a shirt that didn’t have somehting hidden in it. Here are a few things that you can find:

  • crown at the top of the cross
  • left side of cross has a hand reaching down towards all of humanity
  • right side of cross has a mutilated hand representing that Jesus did not look human after being beaten
  • three nail holes and a gash at the side
  • slain lamb
  • lion of Judah

White and red ink on black shirt
Sizes – S, M, L, XL

Contact me to purchase.

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