the pictable

The pictable is the basic introduction into this performance art. It is meant to be one piece of the puzzle, one part of your event. Our artist creates a visual during your event in a specific amount of time, anywhere between 10-60 minutes. It is flexible in content and presentation, therefore allowing a multitude of possibilities. It’s your gathering. Your service. Your bash. You choose how you want to implement it.


Sometimes it does take a word from the artist to give a better explanation of what a piece of artwork means. To this end, I am available to speak either after or during a piece. This gives you the opportunity to see and hear the entire concept from the artists point of view. Many pictable concepts already are prepared with an optional verbal presentation or one can be created to go along with a customized pictable.

Tag Team Painting

This painting event is crowd captivator. Two artists take on two separate canvases set upon easels facing away from each other. Each with a different concept, they begin their piece. After a set amount of time, they switch or tag over to the other painting. This canvas hopping continues a few more times until the artist finishes on their own canvas. The contrast of the two painters and the combination of their different styles creates the possibility of anything happening. The end result is a one-of-a-kind piece that could have never been created on its own. This can even be done with one of your own artists too. Here’s an example. Cooperative Painting One large canvas. Two people painting at the same time on the same piece. This is Tag Team painting without the mystery. Here’s an example.


Street Art

Does your audience reside outside the walls of a building? Do you want to communicate on the street? The pictable has been used to to create visuals in plein air. It becomes a powerful medium when you meet people where they are at and live out on the street. On a canvas, scribbled on the sidewalk or posted on the side of a building, the pictable can cover any surface.



Illustrated Stories

Want to speak to your kids in a format in which they will be interested? Using the creation of the illustration as the story is told will captivate them and will give them a visual to tie into the story. Kids of all ages enjoy visuals and an image increases the retention of information. Big kids like it too!

Onstage Concerts

Being onstage with a band during a concert is one option for the pictable. There are many ways that a painting could help supplement any band’s onstage presence. If your band needs a unique image while onstage, the pictable might be that extra edge that you are looking for.

Band Tour

We are currently looking for a relationship with a band that we can go with you on the road. This is a very exciting direction for the pictable. With the amount of media that is presented at today’s concert, the pictable would be a great analog option to add to your concert experience. There is also an option to incorporate video into the concert as well.


The pictable.service is an attempt to create an all-in-one service combining music, art and spoken word. While the pictable can be incorporated into your service in many ways, the pictable.service is meant to be another option for your event. Instead of you having to try to fit the pictable into your program, the pictable.service fills out the whole service for you. This a turnkey setup, drop it in anywhere you need it.

Lost to Love

Lost to love tells the story of a lost person who deals with the sorrows of being separated from God, God reveals Himself through Jesus, confronts the cross, experiences new life through the resurrected Christ and embraces the commands to love God and others. This is a visual worship experience that you will not want to miss! Lost to Love is a timeless and relevant story to every generation and individual. It is a powerful tool that be used by to make an impact on the lost in your community and your sphere of influence. Experience this mind changing event and it is sure to create a response by all who see it!


Over 2000 years ago a Savior was born within circumstances that were highly contrasting to the stature of who He was. The events that led to the birth of Christ and those that followed will be captured on canvas and declared verbally during the pictable Nativitas service. This is a visual worship experience of a precious holiday that you will not want to miss!

Educational Seminars

The pictable is based on sharing. If you want to learn how to create art similar to the pictable or want to spur on some artists, I am available to lead this type of teaching seminar. It can be combined with a pictable being performed during your event and allow one to play into the other.

Hands on Workshop

A 2-3 hour workshop is given to artists where they will be taken through the steps to think conceptually and create their own pictable painting.

Edifying the Artist

This seminar/round table discussion is meant to get artists to embrace their talents and to seek their true calling as an artist.

Art Evangelism

How can you use art to share the gospel on the street and on the missions field? This seminar will give you examples and ideas how to use art in this way.

Other seminars can be customized and created to fit your group or event.


Many people want to take something back home with them from their pictable experience. Not everyone wants to buy a full size painting but would be interested in something smaller. New merch is being produced now.

Commissioned Artwork

We are now offering artwork for sale through commission. Is there a concept in the gallery that you like or do you want to have one of your own? Art of any size can be created. This is one way to help support the ministry too.

On the Missions Field

Getting onto the missions field is a deep burden for the pictable. An image can leap across cultural and language barriers. This aspect can be a great tool to missionaries and can greatly impact the people wanting to be reached.

The List Continues…

Corporate Presentations
Fundraising Banquets
College Events
Youth or Children’s Camp
Chapel Services
Interactive Worship
Vacation Bible School
Children’s Sermon

Is there any more? Why yes! This is only the beginning. But insert your own idea. There are many other areas for the ministry. Some are in the works and there is more to come. Contact us for more info.