426273_405065926175588_2068093041_nI was invited to help lead an art camp in Sistarovat, Romania at the beginning of August. Artists came from all over Romania to learn more and practice their skills in painting, illustration, creative writing, graphic design, photography and sculpture. For me this was a special opportunity to be with artists, learn from them, help, encourage and teach them. It was a privilege to there…even in spite of the food.

It was a chance to reconnect with pictable artist Alina and her husband after a 3 year time in between trips. Once again I was able to share a canvas with her for a presentation at the camp. Doing a cooperative painting with another artist is an exercise in creative tug of war. You constantly push and get pushed. I love it!

There was another artist there who had had a dream for years of painting at her church. Teo was part of the painting workshop and a very talented artist. When I heard about her desire to paint like I do, I welcomed the chance to share a canvas with her. After having a creative brainstorming session, we settled on a great concept that would illustrate the creation process. She started and finished the canvas after I took a turn in the middle. She handled the painting quite well even with people watching and more importantly photographers documenting every move. After we were finished, she communicated the meaning in a concise manner. I hope to share a canvas with her again!

The week also provided an opportunity to see Alina in a teaching capacity as well. The time spent before, during and after the camp helped rejuvenate the desire to replicate myself and the pictable ministry by working with other capable painters. I can’t wait until next year’s camp.

On the final night, I was able to share the brand new pictable service, Lost to Love, for the artists. The response was great and I believe they were able to see an example of a true multimedia presentation. The following Sunday I also presented Lost to Love to two churches in Timisoara. The fun experience of trying to translate the voice over parts in the video proved to add some excitement to the end of a very busy week. Who knew trying to find wifi at midnight in the middle of a busy town square would be so much fun?

Thanks to Marius and Flavia for following your hearts to start and grow Recreativ. I pray that it will only grow in quality and quantity. Maybe you guys can come to the states. Thanks to the other coordinators for giving of your time and expertise. It was a pleasure getting to know you. Thanks to Sorin and Alina for hosting me and taking such good care of me. I loved seeing you again. May God bless you guys!

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