18574_304077043143_525528143_3595493_940152_nA pictable is a story told through images. A visual journey. A picture parable. The pictable is a performing art experience setup to create a visual for any size audience during any type of event. We have traveled all over the US and to Europe to share these live performances at conferences, retreats, concerts, worship services and even on the street. Because our culture consumes so much of our information on a daily basis visually, an image can unlock a new way of connection, comprehension and consumption of that info. Our aim is to help you connect visually with your audience.

Since 2003, the pictable has created in front of thousands of people at a wide variety of venues and events. The process is pretty straight forward. An artist will paint on a large canvas (around 4′x6′) in a place where the canvas is can be seen by the majority of your audience. This is usually elevated on stage or near the center of activity. It usually takes 15-20 minutes from start to finish. The piece can be created in shorter or longer based on the needs of your event. Throughout its creation, it is the intention to present a story as the painting is created. This can be communicated by the artist after the piece is done. In the end, a new piece of art is created in front of your eyes. People are engaged and intrigued to watch artwork coming to life before them.

DSC_8521cropSince it is art, everyone sees something different in it. Ten people can interpret a piece ten different ways. That’s the beauty in art. Art is meant to engage the eye, draw out their thoughts and present a platform for them to wrestle with who they are as they interpret the art in regards to their personal view. Art is awesome!

the pictable painter

Our artist for the pictable, Todd Damotte, has been infatuated with art from a very young age. He would scribble and sketch on any scrap of paper that he could get his hands on. This led him to learn about other mediums in junior high and high school. In college he studied graphic design, journalism, photography as well as many areas in the fine arts.

ToddpaintAfter college while working on the computer all day, his fall back was his love for drawing and painting. They were his escape and avenue for expression. In 2003 as he was just beginning freelance graphic design, the pictable fell in his lap. He got the opportunity to paint on very large canvases in front of large audiences telling a story through his artwork. It was completely fulfilling. He was able to share his artwork and touch the lives of thousands of people.

Todd loves to use his art to communicate, educate and inspire all ages of artists and art appreciators. When the art and the story not only connect but collide on canvas, that’s where he loves to reside. After a piece is finished and people gather to ask questions, ponder the meaning of the piece and take pictures to remember the moment, he has done his job.

Art should enable a conversation of wonder, draw out questions in context and lead to introspective application.
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