Two Beckys and a tom

Two Beckys and a tom

When I travel to paint at an event, there is an added interest that surfaces because I am from some far away place. That kind of happened at the WOW event but got close to home as well. Being a resident of Hannibal, MO means that you know all about the local celebrity of Mark Twain and his many writings. Two characters pulled from one of his books are Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher. It is tradition in Hannibal to choose new Toms and Beckys during the Tom Sawyer Days Festival every July 4th. It’s a big deal here but I have never been directly affected… until the weekend of WOW.

While standing at my booth, someone asked where I was from and I gave my usual answer of Hannibal, MO. Normally people’s eyes glaze over and they give me the head nod and a “uh huh” answer. Since this was in Springfield, MO, they actually knew where it is. On top of that this lady was actually from Hannibal with a youth group. I thought that was pretty cool but then she said that the girl next to her is one of the Beckys. Now to me that was icing on the cake. You’re also from my “hometown” and you have a Becky with you. Very cool! Actually they had two Beckys and a Tom in their group. That was too much. I had to get a pic with them. In fact the Becky and Tom on the left were dating. So her ” I love you” mini chalkboard wasn’t too far from the truth.

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Here’s an article written for the event.

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