Videos of the Week

Since I am a video guy, I’m always watching something–movies, TV shows, YouTube or Vimeo videos. I consume a regular diet of moving pictures. This week I stumbled upon a few that have inspired me in many ways. So this is kind of a peak into what goes on inside my head.


The Wolf and the Medallion


Sunday I was flipping through the channels and happened to stop on PBS. Although I normally don’t stop here other than to see what the New York Met is doing or to watch Sherlock, I felt the need to watch. There was an interview of local filmmaker Jeremy Collins and he was sharing part of his story about creating this film for his son. As the first few frames began, I was hooked. The style of the artwork had me enamored. You can see it in the trailer below. As I love to tell stories through my work, here was a great story of fleeing from the complacency of life. Not only was the film good but I needed to hear the moral of the story.

The Glitch Mob – Can’t Kill Us


I’m a huge fan of The Glitch Mob’s music. There’s still one song that I want to animate with a story that has been bouncing around in my head for quite some time. This song is off of their newest album coming out soon. Not only do I like the music (it’s okay if you don’t) but I also love the visuals. The video of some sort of liquid dancing around on screen was mesmerizing! The coloring and post processing kept a pretty small color palette and I really like it. As an artist being inspired by someone else’s work I will give in to a common response– I wish I had done something like this.

U2 – Invisible


It must be the time of year for bands to release new work. here is a video from U2′s upcoming album – Invisible. U2 is one of those bands that have not only endured throughout the years but have excelled at their craft by continuing to allow their music to evolve and get better. They’re a class act. This video may seem familiar if you Watched the Super Bowl. They had a 60 second clip of this video play in partnership with Bank of America and (RED) to fight against AIDS. The music is inspiring and the video has me once again saying how can I incorporate that into my work…

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