While working on adding some content for this site, I stumbled across some footage of a series of pictables that I did for the Student Ministry Camp in 2011. There were 3 canvases that I painted on. Each one depicted a different way that we can come before God–on our face, on our knees or standing “with our hands lifted high in praise.” Each one one was done on a separate night during the worship service and the band playing.


On the last evening I started the service painting on all three of the canvases put together to form one large one. The theme of the evening was coming to the throne of God. Part one consisted of me painting the scene depicted in Isaiah where he had a dream of the throne of God surrounded by angels flying and chanting “holy, holy, holy!” In the top left corner was a choir of angels and then an angel flew behind the figure standing in praise on the left side. After Travis had given his message, we cut the lights and turned the black lights on to illuminate the fluorescent paint. I finished by illustrating Jesus sitting on the throne of God in all of His glory.

It was a special night to experience the Spirit moving and sharing it all with some dear friends. The video uses Martin Smith’s version of Waiting Here for You, a song we sang during that week and I could hear on some of the video files I used for the video. I hope the intimacy of the the week comes through on the video.

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