You never know when the next thing will blossom before you. Last fall I was needing to just “creatively vomit” something out of my internal creative pool. At the time I had 15-20 pieces of poster board that had words written on one side with thick black marker. Over the years I have acquired lots of house paint for one reason or another. So I started painting over the words on the board by spreading the paint out with a plastic, notched trowel. I love texture and the end result really captivated me. I wanted to put something on top of it. This is where Andey was born. Let me share some back story.

When my son was around 4 years old we took him to the store and while we were there we looked at the toy section. At that time Indiana Jones was very popular. While I was talking to him when we got home, I asked him what he saw. He said, “Andy Andy and the Jones.” Indiana seemed too hard for his young lips to pronounce. Since that time, that phrase has been embedded into my creative conscious. I keep coming back to it. But it has morphed over time and when inspiration hit, Andey Andy Jones was born.

AAJ_fox-wolf web

Illustration by Todd Andrew Damotte

With a large Sharpie marker in hand, I began to give birth to this new personality. The first poster I created had Andey encircled by a fox and a wolf. It came out so well that my son wanted it hung in his room and I obliged. Although that was not the end but just the genesis of the project. More drawings and illustrations started flowing out of me and his story came out with the visuals.

Andey is a 10 year old boy who lives in his imaginations. At any moment he can enter into his own little world where anything goes. He can hunt down an angry alligator or explore a distant planet. In Andey’s mind, you never know what will come out to play. With each new quest he has slowly began to master the art of adventuring. He’s a great guy and he has a great story!

What do I do now? All of these scenes from his adventures kept landing on these boards and his story was exploding in my head. It soon became apparent that I needed to do something with this precious treasure that was unfolding before me. A book. A children’s book was what floated to the surface after lots of chatter in my head. The illustrations look like a 10 year old made them and the stories were already writing themselves upstairs. Now it was time to get it done.

As it stands right now, the majority of the illustrations are finished and I have begun on the writing portion of the book. The visuals are easy. The writing has tested my abilities. The book itself will probably evolve as I continue to write, compile and design the book. It is so much fun though and I’m having a blast putting all of the pieces together. I just can’t wait to share his many adventures with the world. They say the greatest things are the ones that you are most passionate about and I have Andey on the brain.

I’ll be sharing more about Andey in the future as the book gets put together. I hope that you enjoy Andey and his story as much as I have enjoyed communicating it. Stay tuned…

IF you wish to follow him, he just started his own Instagram account here.

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